Installs on both right and left side.Household doors, office doors, wooden doors, aluminium doors, steel doors, (steel gates on qoutation only)  fire doors etc.

Two independent closing speed adjustable valves.
+1 DC (Delay Close Valve)

Three types of applications (Universal), standard,parallel,and top jamb. Rack and pinion mechanism contained in a high tensile precision cast aluminum housing assures the highest quality. Door Opening angle : 180 degrees : Aluminum

Model number&dimensions W x H of door Weight of door

D 750 BC :248 x 47.2 x 66.5mm 1050 x 2400 mm for doors from 60-120 kg

Door closer weight

D 750 BC 2.8kg

Dimension of packaging box

31 x 9.5 x 7.5 cm

Best value for money hydraulic door closer in South Africa

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